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Are You A Novice In The World Of CBD? It’s Time To Get The Terms Right

Are You A Novice In The World Of CBD? It’s Time To Get The Terms Right
Are You A Novice In The World Of CBD? It’s Time To Get The Terms Right

Cannabinoids have almost everybody’s interest in the country. Some have already mastered the subject while others are stepping into the cannabis world gradually. Relying on the internet to get as much information as you want on CBD is a great idea, but this is what will happen. You will fill your search box with a CBD query and thousands of results will come up and will not only have the word CBD in it, but every term related to it will flash confusing like never before.

To spare you that confusion on the terms related to CBD, we have explained a few basic and necessary terms for novices. Let’s make a one step transit from the budding CBD enthusiasts and step into the real CBD market where you will have no difficulty differentiating between CBD, hemp, oil, etc. Here is the glossary:

  • Cannabis Sativa: Sativa is the species of plant that is included in the genus cannabis. You may hear another term “Cannabis Indica” along with the mention of Sativa leading to confusion. Just like Sativa, Indica too is a plant belonging to the same genus, Cannabis. The difference between both is that Sativa is used to produce hemp fibres, which eventually extracts CBD with minimal THC levels. While Indica has higher THC levels and can cause psychotic behavior on consumption.

  • Industrial Hemp: After years and years of Sativa cultivation, the cross breeding lead to a version of Sativa which consists less than 0.3% THC levels naturally. This version of Sativa is termed as industrial hemp. We have CBD brands who grow their own hemp industrially to produce top notch CBD products.

  • Cannabinoids: Cannabinoids is the class of molecules found in cannabis which is usually used to represent the compounds of cannabis collectively. CBD and THC are two such compounds of cannabinoids.

  • CBD: CBD, just like mentioned earlier is one of the many compounds that make cannabinoids molecules. Also referred as cannabidiol, CBD is currently preferred over other medications and THC induced drugs because of its non-toxicity and non-psychotic stream.

  • Endocannabinoid System: You will see this term whenever and wherever there is a reference of how CBD affect humans. This is because endocannabinoid system is present in our body and it consists of receptors like CB1 and CB2 that are attuned to react the consumption of cannabinoids.

  • Entourage Effect: This is a biological concept which refers to the efficacy of CBD compounds when consumed with a combination of inactive compounds. Cannabinoids seem to act efficiently when they are combined with other cannabinoids rather than alone. Thus to put simply, the after effect of consuming multiple cannabinoids is termed as entourage effect.

There are many more terms related to CBD, but they are more inclined towards the type of products that are produced using CBD. We’ll soon talk about more CBD related terms and products that could help you understand better. Knowing these terms will definitely help you understand the research and studies conducted on the subject.

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