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Greetings from the entire team at WHAT IS CBD! Our mission is to provide the common person with relevant, cutting-edge information about the health benefits of Cannabis, answering the underlying question: What is CBD?
With the current growth rate of this budding industry, there is an ever increasing world of companies and products trying to elbow their way into the market. We will post new and intriguing content on a daily basis in order to provide a reliable and credible source for the general public to self-educate regarding CBD’s medical value and the best ways to go about partaking in it. Our vision is of a world where the medical benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids are widely understood without attachment to the negative connotation that society has been conditioned to hold for Cannabis and Marijuana. If we are successful, our readers will understand that there is indeed always a green alternative. Our focus will be on condensing the vast ocean of technical data about CBD into an easily digestible and concise blog, allowing you to read and actually understand the science without needing a PhD to comprehend it. The organization of the site is outlined below. Our information is organized into three distinct blog series:

1. General : This section will be home to information about CBD and cannabinoids in general and the science behind how they work together to cause a profound health effect. Protips on how to take CBD and new developments in the industry can be found here. We recommend you to start your read with this section if you are a novice.

2. Legal : Although CBD has shown tremendous potential in a myriad of different medical areas, widespread support of it is still gaining traction in both the medical field and in general consensus. Some laws are outdated and don’t reflect public opinion or scientific consensus on cannabinoids and their immense and pervasive value. Follow the steady modernization of the CBD legal environment in this blog series!

3. Medical: If you really want to understand the nature of CBD and cannabinoids, then this is the blog series for you. Scientific and peer-reviewed topics will be available for your consumption and we will source our information from CBD and medical experts to give you a credible source of scientific knowledge that is easy to comprehend and extensively informative.